Unvented hot water

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Want a powerful shower?

Unvented pressurised hot water cylinders sometimes called ‘Megaflo’ cylinders store water supplied directly from the mains water supply and essentially act as a hot water storage cylinder.

These hot water cylinders store water at relatively high pressures; they are therefore able to supply water at similar pressures to the cold water supply. The increased pressures also make for better quality showers, without the need for pumps. With both hot and cold water services fed from the mains, there is no more need for a cold water storage tank, keeping loft spaces clear, and pipe work to a minimum.

This type of mains pressure cylinder is becoming more and more popular in the UK, with more homeowners requiring mains pressure hot water as standard.

Be sure to check that anyone who installs or works on your unvented hot water cylinder holds the correct qualifications. It is not just the Law, but due to the nature of unvented hot water cylinders, and the properties of pressurised systems, it is a matter of safety.

Worcester Greenstore Cylinders

The Worcester Greenstore is an indirect unvented hot water cylinder, suitable for use with unvented system boilers. This high quality, stainless steel cylinder is a perfect replacement for low efficiency copper vented cylinders and will provide hot water at mains water pressure.

The Worcester Greenstore indirect unvented cylinder benefits from high levels of insulation, excellent flow rates and outstanding re-heat performance. The Worcester Greenstore range is also ideal for customers who require a smaller capacity of hot water storage, with the series being available in 90L and 300L variants.

G3 Accreditation

There is a legal requirement for companies to obtain specific accreditation prior to working with indirect unvented hot water cylinders. In accordance with Building Regulations Approved Document G3, any person who installs an Unvented Hot Water Storage System with a storage capacity in excess of 15 litres must be competent and hold recognised Unvented Hot Water Storage certification.

Assured Heating Essex LTD have successfully completed and been awarded the ‘Unvented Hot Water Storage’ certification by BPEC (British Plumbing Employers Council).

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