Oil boilers

Oil fired heating can be a popular alternative to a number of people within their homes especially those who live in the countryside or off grid. Oil fired boilers can form an efficient part of an oil heating system within your home or what some call oil fired central heating.

Oil boilers

It is estimated over 4 million households are not connected to the UK’s gas network. An oil-powered central heating system with oil boilers is therefore a key alternative method of heating your home.

The downside of oil boilers are that there are fewer to chose from in comparison to their gas powered counterparts, but as time goes on there are more and more oil boilers being introduced to the marketplace. If you are looking for an oil central heating boiler you need not panic as our oil boiler engineers can provide you with a number of options for you to choose from for your oil heating system.

We are familiar with all brands of boilers and components found on a central heating system, old or new.

Whether you’re interested in exploring ways to utilise greener energy technologies or you’re looking to reduce your energy bills or your energy emissions, we can to find ways of improving energy and cost efficiency in your home or office, we can also advise you with any government funded grants that may be available to you.

Our team of gas engineers are factory trained by Worcester Bosch. As a business we have partnered with Worcester Bosch for the following reasons.

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