Gas Boiler Installation

At Assured Heating Essex, our preferred manufacturer of central heating gas boilers is the one we consider to be the most reliable and produce the most efficient boilers: Worcester Bosch.

Gas boilers

The Worcester Bosch range of boilers won the ‘Which?’ best buy awards for the last 10 years. Assured Heating Essex is a preferred installer of Worcester Bosch boiler systems within the Essex area.

Not only do they offer fantastic boiler efficiency with their range of gas and oil boilers, but the quality of their products make them the perfect choice for your new home boiler. Whatever your need, Worcester Bosch have a new boiler to suit your household. If you follow this link and answer a few simple questions, you will find the model best suited to your property and the household requirements.

New high efficiency boilers are all ‘A’ rated in the energy efficiency chart and provide an efficiency of at least 90%. This means for every £1 you spend on fuel, at least 90 pence will get converted into useful heat. Compare that to standard boiler systems that generally only manage a 50% to 60% boiler efficiency rating at best, and you can see where savings can be found.

It’s important that you get the correct type of boiler to suit your hot water and central heating requirements. There are many types of hot water boilers and central heating boilers with the most common boilers being known as combination boilers, open vent boilers or system boilers. The different system types are detailed below, and are all condensing boilers (condenser efficient boilers), meaning their efficiency is always no less than 90%.

We are familiar with all brands of boilers and components found on a central heating system, old or new.

Whether you’re interested in exploring ways to utilise greener energy technologies or you’re looking to reduce your energy bills or your energy emissions, we can to find ways of improving energy and cost efficiency in your home or office, we can also advise you with any government funded grants that may be available to you.

Our team of gas engineers are factory trained by Worcester Bosch. As a business we have partnered with Worcester Bosch for the following reasons.

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