Meet the Zero Emission Boiler (ZEB)

Looking to improve your environmental impact? Read on to learn about our zero emission boiler

Meet the ZEB

Looking to reduce your environmental impact? The ZEB uses electricity to supply your heating, charging up and storing most of the heat your home requires at off-peak times. This can make it a more cost-effective and cleaner option compared to existing boilers.

Most of us heat our homes using a gas or oil boiler. Unfortunately burning gas or oil to provide heating creates huge amounts of local pollution and carbon emissions. Home heating is likely to be one of your single biggest sources of carbon. Upgrading to a ZEB means no more burning oil or gas to heat your home, so no more flue.

How does the ZEB work?

The ZEB is powered by electricity and works like a battery to store energy as heat until it is needed. Electric heating elements charge up a “core” inside the ZEB – storing a lot of energy in a small footprint.

The patented heat-management technology then cleverly releases the heat to your radiators, underfloor heating and water tank when your thermostat calls for it.

Why electric?

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