Introducing Care Plan Warranty

For gas boilers that are covered by a manufacturer warranty

Did we install your boiler?

If so, this is the plan for you

If we installed your boiler and it is still covered by the manufacturer warranty then this plan is for you. If you suffer a break down, it could be down to the boiler or the central heating system at fault; in either case, under this plan we will attend. If the fault is with your central heating system e.g. radiators, room stat or programmer, then we will fix it, covered under this plan. If the issue is a boiler issue, then we will contact the manufacturer for you and they will attend to fix it. This may cause a further delay as we are then in the hands of the manufacturer, but it is a cost effective plan.

If you wish for us to cover the boiler as well, then please take a look at our Bronze Care Plan.

Example 1

We installed your boiler for you and there seems to be a fault. We will attend, if it is a system fault e.g a timer or radiator then we will fix it. If the fault is found to be a boiler fault; we will then contact the manufacturer for you who will attend

Example 1

You have a leak on your heating system – call us, you are covered, we will fix this for you as this would be included in the plan.

Example 1

There is a fault code on the boiler – this sort of fault would be a boiler issue, your boiler would be under the manufactures guarantee so we would contact them for you to arrange an appointment for them to attend.

Advantages of Care Plan Warranty

  • Cheapest of all the plans
  • Annual boiler service included
  • Timer is covered
  • Room stat is covered
  • Central heating pump is covered
  • Motorised valves are covered
  • Radiators are covered
  • Radiator valves are covered
  • Hot water cylinder is covered
  • Fill up tank is covered

Disadvantages of Care Plan Warranty

  • If the fault is found to be with the boiler that is under guarantee, we will then call the boiler manufacturer to attend, which would mean an extra delay

These brands and more covered

Feel free to contact our office staff on 01245 204066