Introducing Care Plan Warranty

For gas boilers that are covered by a manufacturer warranty

Did we install your boiler?

If so, this is the plan for you

If we installed your boiler and it is still covered by the manufacturer warranty then this plan is for you. If you suffer a break down, it could be down to the boiler or the central heating system at fault; in either case, under this plan we will attend. If the fault is with your central heating system e.g. radiators, room stat or programmer, then we will fix it, covered under this plan. If the issue is a boiler issue, then we will contact the manufacturer for you and they will attend to fix it. This may cause a further delay as we are then in the hands of the manufacturer, but it is a cost effective plan.

If you wish for us to cover the boiler as well, then please take a look at our Bronze Care Plan.

Care Plan Warranty


This plan covers the boiler and controls on a service and repair basis for boilers installed by us. Billed monthly.

Priority Response ✅
Unlimited Callouts ✅
Gas Safety Check & CP12 ✅
Annual boiler service ✅
Boiler & Controls ✅
Central heating system ✅
Calls answered 24/7 ✅

Example 1

We installed your boiler for you and there seems to be a fault. We will attend, if it is a system fault e.g a timer or radiator then we will fix it. If the fault is found to be a boiler fault; we will then contact the manufacturer for you who will attend

Example 2

You have a leak on your heating system – call us, you are covered, we will fix this for you as this would be included in the plan.

Example 3

There is a fault code on the boiler – this sort of fault would be a boiler issue, your boiler would be under the manufactures guarantee so we would contact them for you to arrange an appointment for them to attend.

Advantages of Care Plan Warranty

Disadvantages of Care Plan Warranty

These brands and more covered

Your Care Plan policy starts on the day your application is accepted. However, there is an initial 30-day period where you cannot make a claim. This is to prevent claims on pre-existing problems and to keep premiums low.
You should be able to cancel and switch to our services. For more information, please call our sales team on 01245 204066.
Yes! One of our employed engineers will attend your property in his company branded uniform and Assured Heating Van.
Once you have signed up, we will contact you to book a suitable appointment for our engineer to attend. Our engineer will test your system is working correctly and make a note of any recommendations.
Yes, we will service and repair any age of boiler, providing it’s powered by natural gas and in good working order when you joined us.
Providing your boiler is in good working condition, when you sign up, it is very unlikely we would be unable to repair it if it breaks down. However, if your boiler is under seven years old, and is deemed beyond economical repair, we will cover the cost of replacing it up to a maximum value of £2,500. If your boiler is over seven years old, subject to availability we may be able to offer a discounted fixed price replacement boiler as part of a new 12 month minimum term service agreement or a contribution towards the cost of a new boiler.

We service and repair all makes and models of domestic boilers that are powered by natural gas, with the exception of Potterton Powermax, Chaffoteaux, Ferolli, Sabre, Alpha and Elm Le Blanc. We do not service or repair: LPG boilers, thermal store boilers, solid fuel boilers, oil boilers, electric boilers, back boilers, or dual purpose boilers.

Please note: Although we can’t cover Potterton Powermax floor standing boilers we can cover Potterton Promax wall hung boilers – they are two different boilers.

No, not at the moment. We may provide this service in future.
Yes, we work on both wall hung and floor standing boilers.
No, we only work on boilers and systems powered by natural mains gas.
No, we only work on boilers and systems powered by natural mains gas.
No, we only work on boilers and systems powered by natural mains gas.

We carry out all free annual boiler services between March and September, towards the anniversary of your plan start date. This is to ensure a fast emergency response time during busy winter months.

We will contact you a month before the annual boiler services are being carried out in your area, to arrange a suitable day to attend.

Yes, it’s included every year, you will be entitled to an annual boiler service within each year of your service agreement.
No, providing that your boiler and central heating system were in good working condition, with no pre-existing faults, at the time of taking out your plan.
Yes, once you have signed up we will arrange a suitable time to visit you to check the system, if your boiler is due its service we may carry out the boiler service at this time.
Yes, all our plans are paid by monthly direct debit.
No, at the moment we only accept payment by monthly direct debit.

Whilst many of our competitors also offer a good solution, their exact feature set and offerings change from time to time, so we can only give you the reasons that our customers have shared with us for choosing Assured Heating Essex.

Why choose Assured Heating Essex:

  • We service and repair any age of boiler
  • Our office is based in Chelmsford and calls are answered 24/7
  • All staff are employed, not sub-contractors

But don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers think by reading genuine reviews at Checkatrade and Trustpilot

Yes, all parts used are brand new, genuine, and manufacturer approved, where applicable.
There is no limit on the value of our repairs on any of our plans, providing your appliance or system isn’t beyond economical repair.

We will always treat loss of hot water as an urgent repair, and we will treat complete loss of heat as an urgent repair during the winter months (September – February).

We aim to attend all urgent situations by no later than the following working day, when suppliers are open and parts are available.

Under the terms and conditions of your agreement, an emergency situation would be defined as a sudden and unforeseen escape of water or uncontrollable water leak that:

  • Can’t be stopped by turning off the stop tap
  • If left unattended until the following working day would cause further damage to your property
  • Cannot be contained for at least seven hours by putting a container under the leak.
Feel free to contact our office staff 01245 204066