Introducing Care Plan Home

Peace of mind that your heating, plumbing and electrical are covered

Want complete piece of mind?

If so, this is the plan for you

If you want peace of mind your heating system, plumbing, drainage and your electrical system is covered from expensive repair bills , then this is the plan for you.

This plan also includes an annual boiler service which can be booked in at your convenience.

Example 1

There is an issue with your heating system, you are covered – call us

Example 2

Your think your drains are blocked, call us – you are covered

Example 3

Your electrical sockets are not working, call us – you are covered

Advantages of Care Plan Home

  • Annual boiler service included
  • Boiler repairs are covered
  • Heating system repairs are covered
  • Hot water cylinder is covered
  • Blocked drains are covered
  • Your fuse box is covered
  • Your light switches and sockets are covered
  • Internal wiring is covered

These brands and more covered

Feel free to contact our office staff on 01245 204066